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  1. Heavenly Father, please release your divine healing power and heal him from every infirmity and cause your rivers of joy to spring up in his inside and cause the bitterness drying him up to cease in Jesus’ Precious name

  2. Please pray for me: I’m 36 and a single mother of a bright promising 4 year old girl named Nathania. Her father got married 2 years ago and since then abandoned her. Pray for marital grace for me to get married. We are also in a financial quagmire. Please pray for divine provision for us.

    1. I am in 100% agreement for you in all God’s way now for the life of you and your precious child. May God guide you and hold your hand all the way. Amen.

    2. May the Lord provide for all your needs and that of your daughter.
      “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and is safe.” Prov 18:10

    3. I pray for God’s will and perfect plan for your life. I pray for strength and comfort during these times. May God’s peace be upon you and prosperity be near. Amen.

  3. I ask that you pray for my father. He is losing weight rapidly and will not see a doctor. I less than two weeks he has dropped quite a bit. I don’t know the actual number but perhaps a good twenty pounds. He will not see a doctor and ignores the idea. I ask that you pray for him as I kneel in prayer tonight.

    1. Heavenly Father,
      I pray with Rachel for her father. He is losing weight and yet refuses Rachel’s requests that he see a doctor. Break his will so that he conform to your will and receive medical help he needs. May the truth of what is revealed to him set him free in Jesus name. Amen.

  4. Pray healing for Baby Isaiah, in the hospital after his birth last week. May Jesus heal him completely so he may go home with his parents. In Jesus name, we pray this healing over him. Amen.

    1. I pray in agreement with Rose for Isaiah’s complete healing. Lord God you know what the health problem is. You don’t have the answer God, you are The Answer. You are baby Isaiah’s healing in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Please pray for My Dad. More than a year his leg was sore. It is not yet healed, despite being in operation. I beg the help of prayer. Thank You. GBU!

    1. Lord Jesus we just thank you for being awesome and mostly truthful to what you say and who you are. Your word has been proven to be true it can even covert the soul. Lord Jesus you want lina dad to reign in life. You can raise the dead, you can cleanse the leper, you make the deaf hear and the blind see. So how much more can you restore a leg that is swelling in pain. Lord you have given us the authority to heal the sick. I believe the authority you given me. I take the authority upon lina dad, I believe that his leg is restore just like his other leg and I believe Lord Jesus that those legs are able to leap and jump and give you praise, In Jesus Name. AMen. Mostly to God be the glory forever Amen.

  6. I have found the love of my life and I want nothing more than to walk with her in faith.I want to lead her to the light, and have her hand in marriage someday. Brothers and sisters I ask you to pray for her to be my wife someday soon so that I may have the Christian family I so desire. Please pray for me. I am young and I want my life in the hands of the lord.

    1. Lord, please watch over Jalen during his time of need. Please provide him with the guidance he needs to introduce the one he loves to you. I also pray for the one he loves, that she is open and receptive to your grace and your abundance that awaits her by living a life in your name. Amen

    1. Heavenly Father, I pray for Yemisi. I pray that you send the Holy Spirit in a manner that can be seen and can be felt. Although spirit is with us at all times, I pray that she opens eyes to see, ears to hear and heart to feel. Through your loving actions for us daily, we receive the spirit. Please send her the reminders that we are never alone. Amen

  7. Please pray that I will find forgiveness for myself and for those who I am having a hard time forgiving. Please pray that my heart opens and receives the trust and the comfort that I need and the strength that I will require to heal and move past this. Please pray that my outcome is better, healthier and happier and that there is a stronger bond and union between me and my husband. Please pray that I can find forgiveness in myself for all that I have done in the past to damage our relationship, as well.

    1. Lord, I pray that Chris finds the solution to his medical problem. I pray that the diagnosis is uncomplicated and unweighted by delays or misdiagnosis. I pray that his doctor’s are skilled and mindful, and compassionate. I pray that they provide him with answers quickly and that you are there by his side every step of the way. I pray that through his waiting, you provide him comfort and trust that all will be okay.

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