Read It Right

“Read it Right” is a series of teachings equipping you with principles to rightly interpret The Bible.

Each teaching is recorded live in the community as it is presented.

After the first 2 sessions, which cover the foundational principles of interpretation, each session will cover a particular set of Biblical literature, such as Old Testament Narratives, Prophets and Law, and New Testament Gospels or Letters.

Part 1: Interpreting the Basics

Part 2: Asking the Right Questions

Part 3: Understanding the Old Testament Narrative

Part 4: Making Sense of the Old Testament Law

Part 5: Hearing the Old Testament Prophets

Part 6: Reading the Psalms

Part 7: Wisdom and The Proverbs

Part 8: Reading The Gospel

Part 9:  The Point of Jesus’ Parables

Part 10: Learning The New Testament Letters

Part 11: Handling The Apocalyptic Writings

Part 12: A Closing Word From Jeff


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