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Daily Devotionals

Truth For Life

  • The Incense of Your Praise March 28, 2020
    Ezekiel 20:41 The merits of our great Redeemer are as a pleasing aroma to the Most High. Whether we speak of the active or passive righteousness of Christ, there is an equal fragrance. There was a pleasing aroma in His active life by which He honored the law of God and made every precept to glitter like a precious jewel in the pure setting of His own person. […]

Our Daily Bread

  • The Would-Be Woodcutter March 28, 2020
    One year, when I was in college, I cut, stacked, sold, and delivered firewood. It was one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done. So I have a good deal of empathy for the hapless logger in the 2 Kings 6 story. Elisha’s school for prophets had prospered, and their meeting place had become too small. Someone suggested they go into the woods, cut logs, and enlarge […]
    David H. Roper

Utmost For His Highest

  • Isn’t There Some Misunderstanding? March 28, 2020
    "Let us go to Judea again." The disciples said to Him, "…are You going there again?" —John 11:7-8Just because I don’t understand what Jesus Christ says, I have no right to determine that He must be mistaken in what He says. That is a dangerous view, and it is never right to think that my obedience to God’s directive will bring dishonor to […]

Going Beyond Ministries

  • Q & A with Emmanuel Acho March 25, 2020
    Hey there! We’re so glad you stopped by for the second installment of our Spotlight Blog Series. Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a young man that I have known since I was a little girl, Emmanuel Acho. He’s a former NFL linebacker turned ESPN sports analyst. Emmanuel’s dad and my dad served […]