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Permission to Speak Freely


The permission to speak freely by Anne Jackson is an awesome book that talks about how we let our fears stop us from speaking freely about anything.  Freely speaking on our thoughts and fears about church, relationships, addictions, depression, family etc.  Her single statement “Fear Won” caught my heart.  Fear wins out so often over so many things in so many of our lives.  This book reminds us that we may never be completely free of fear, but that we can live a courageous life, speaking freely about the issues we have faced or are facing.


Many people struggle with depression and seasons of depression, wondering why they still fight it or are fearful of what others will think about them taking antidepressants etc.  She sums it up nicely when talking about seasons of depression saying  “feelings of insecurity and worthlessness is a chain I may never be able to break.”


She generously gives the gift of courage by stepping out and speaking out about her addictions, abuse and fear of talking freely about them.   She says “something in us begins to come alive in us when we see people overcome fear.” We draw courage from others who, regardless of fear, stand up and speak up.


Sometimes our fears of living our dreams keep up from even taking the first step.  Anne puts it this way “Their hearts are fighting for their dreams, yet fear claws away at their spirits, telling them their dreams are impossible.”   Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than a single twinge of fear to hold us back.


This book is very uplifting and encouraging.  Whether you are fighting seasons of depression, feelings of worthlessness, or anything else that grips your heart in fear, Permission to Speak Freely is sure to encourage you and maybe you’ll find the gift of going 2nd is something you can give to others by sharing your story.

One of my favorite quotes by Anne:

I had now seen the redemption and freedom that occurs when the darkness is forced into the light, disguised as awkwardly spoken words


The audio book is read by Anne Jackson, the author.  I feel that we could actually feel more of what she was feeling as she recounts some of what was going through her mind and heart while she was retelling her story.  Very well done.


I’d like to thank Christian Audio for the complimentary copy of this book through their Reviewers’ program.  Follow Christian Audio on Twitter here. Check their site each month for a free audio book download.  Good stuff there!

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Let Your Life Speak

Bridget Haymond is founder and principal of Truth For Life Coaching and Communications in Charlotte, NC.  She is a Certified Leadership Coach through the AACC.  By combining her biblical and theological training with her life coach training, she motivates, collaborates and inspires her clients toward intentional, purposeful living. Described as insightful, practical, positive and witty by those whom she influences, Bridget helps those who desire to maximize their unique gifts, talents and abilities, both personally and professionally. You can find Bridget on twitter or read more by clicking on this link for her life coaching blog.

Let Your Life Speak


When I think about the power of our everyday lives, I think about the book of Esther.  The book of Esther is unique in that the name of God is not mentioned.  And yet it is undeniable that God was at work through the lives of the beautiful orphan Esther and her uncle Mordecai.

Make no mistake about it, Esther was not merely chosen for her physical beauty.  There was an inner beauty that reflected God’s character and presence in her life.  It radiated through Esther, and king Ahasuerus was captivated by her.

What is so amazing is that Esther and Mordecai were people who simply lived out their faith as part of their everyday lives in very practical ways.  They honored their beliefs and values while living in a foreign land that had very different beliefs.  Mordecai was praised for his wisdom and ultimately placed second in command to king Ahasuerus.  The way Esther and Mordecai lived their lives reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”— Francis Of Assisi

We’ve probably all seen Christians who in their desire to preach the gospel of the kingdom have been a little over zealous and inadvertently turned people off to the Christian life.  And the truth is that people don’t want to be just another jewel in your evangelizing crown.  Any insincerity in Esther’s motives would have shown right through.  So how can we preach without using words, but letting our lives speak instead?  Here are some ideas:

Be kind – never underestimate the power of a smile and a sincere interest in someone else.

Be loving – always remember that it is impossible to represent Jesus without being loving.

Be curious – Jesus was always interested in what other people thought.  He regularly asked questions of others.

Be authentic – unlike the pretentious Pharisees, Jesus was always real, and that is why others were drawn to him.

Be understanding – as you learn the story of their life, your understanding will generate more compassion for them.

Letting your life speak is about dispelling the lie of perfect Christians.  We all walk with a limp and our willingness to be real about it makes us more approachable.  Admit your mistakes and let others see your growth and change.  Your humility, sincerity and kindness will be a real magnet for others and give them hope that God really will accept them.