P-R Artists Patriotic Songs

Patriotic Songs

American Soldier – Toby Keith
Amazing Grace – Leann Rimes… The True Meaning of Memorial Day
Do I Make You Proud – Taylor Hicks
America – Why I Love Her – John Wayne
God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood
Faraway & If Everyone Cared – Nickleback… Tribute To The Troops
If I Die Before You Wake – Dustin Evans
Heaven Was Needing a Hero  – Jo Dee Messina
Liberty – Ronnie Kimball… A Patriotic Tribute to Our Military
Remember Me Tribute… music: Pacific Wind – Ryan Farish
Some Gave It All  – Billy Ray Cyrus
Star Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston
US National Anthem by the Academy Choirs
Ragged Old Flag  – Johnny Cash
When I’m Gone – 3 Doors Down … Tribute to the Troops