September 15, 2011

He Never Lets Go

Do you remember the thrill of being spun around by your dad? Do you remember how exciting it was? Never a worry about him letting go. He’s your dad, he would never do that. The thought never crossed our minds. We simply enjoyed the thrill and excitement of the ride. How have we lost that …

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Timing is everything. I know you’ve heard that expression before, but in reference to God’s work in our lives it’s more true than you could ever imagine. He has made us and placed us in this time, in this place to be part of his plan. Timing is everything and the God who invented time …

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We all search for something. We seek happiness, love, peace, companionship, friendship, security. We are born seekers. But it’s easy to get confused about what is really important to seek after.  Our search for the things that satisfy the heart and meet our real needs is often unfulfilled.  Our search for meaning and happiness often …

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