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  1. Brett,

    This site is such a blessing…..!! I have been involved in texting ministry for the past 6 years…..with about 50 people that I send morning scripture and some thoughts and challenges too. I was introduced to twitter by someone on my text list, and so I am trying to get started… goal is to share the word of God with anyone that will receive it. You have recently started following my twitter account(all of 5 follower right now…..but I am hoping to grow), and I see you have thousands of people that get your tweets. I would be so thankful if you could let your followers know about my ministry…..I think it is called Mention or REtweet…..not for sure….I am pretty new to it. He has blessed me so much, and I just want to give His Name Glory. If you read my Tweets and feel comfortable about it, please help me get started Spreading His Message. Thanks so much for your time.

  2. Brett,

    Thanks for drawing me into this community by following me on Twitter. What a great inspiration and resource this site is!

    I want to invite you to visit and my blog, Both grew out of a grassroots, nondenominational ministry for infertile couples that God called me to several years ago. Like you, I’m finding incredible joy praying for those who are struggling, delivering messages of hope, and sharing the good news that God is faithful and purposeful at all times and in all things.

    If it seems appropriate, I’d welcome the opportunity to get the word out to more couples through your Ministries page. Please contact me if you’d like to know more about what I’m doing and how the Lord is working miracles.

    blessings always!

  3. i read a lot and recently read two books that really made me think. “The hole in our Gospel” by Richard Stearns President of world vision and “Another mans war” by Sam Childers. makes me really ponder how far am i willing to go for the sake of the Gospel. Is it about a call to obedience or following a love so great i’ll gowherever he leads. have i surrenndered everything or am i holding on to something? Some of the same questions i challenge the boys i work with at the youth correctional facility i also have to also look at inlight of myself.

  4. Dear child of mine,

    I am the author of life and have known you before time began. You are created in my image and made for my glory.I and i alone can fulfill your every need and know your every challenge and desire.Make me not just a part of your life but its foundation and seek me in everything you do.I cannot be contained nor copied, nor can you exhaust your understanding of me and my ways.Let your heart be mine and be filled with all that I am.let nothing come between us. Remember whenever you use my name i am listening and attentive to all thats going on. Because I am holy and without blemish or blame so is my name for by it i have revealed myself to you. Cherish it even more then your greatest loveand fear it for by it i am known.Come, spend time with meget to know me,give me a day of your time as I have created time and placed you in it. I am with you always, spend some of it with me. Search me out, give me all your concerns and deposit all your dreams within my hands.
    Don’t ignore your parents teachings, or shun their concerns for i have placed you in their care to teach them and bless you as they grow deeper in thier understanding of what love is.Don’t put your parents downor ignore their authority over you for all authority is given to man by me. Trust in them knowing that by doing all this you will grow and learn that which i have taught them.Life is precious and to be respected
    and cherished as i have made it and all are made in my image.Do not make yourself my equaland decide who should not live but rather trust in me and the proper authority i have placed in man. Seek me out as the answer to your problems and follow my instructions. Let not hate and anger be your god and take my place for both mercy and justice are mine to decide.Kepp your thoughts pure, and the marriage bed undefiled.Love one another sacrificiallyand patiently, regarding one another as the better.Place the others needs as more important then your own and do not use another for your satisfaction.Work hard for i have created you,giving you talents and abilities.I have blessed you with the ability to think and reason. Use these to support yourself remembering that all is mine. Bless those in need as youcan for i have blessed you and and give freely as i have given you. Take pleasure in the satisfaction of a job well done giving thanks for the gifts that you’ve been given. Tell the truth always for in doing so you will live life easier, have less stress and display to others a glimpse of whose image you were created in. Respect and honor will follow the truth and others will seek your counsel. Trust in me that i providefor your needs and that i know what you need for i created you and am your God. let not the things of others r this world be of more to desire to you then me for it is only in me that life is fully lived not the things you have or dont have as they are temporary and I am from everlasting to everlasting.

    love God

  5. i lead a youth correctional ministry called tattooed hearts and was recently working with the youth about the 10 commandments and i had mde the comment that sometimes when we look at things we have to look at the flip side of themas well to help us get a better understanding of things and so wrote a a reverse letter of sorts dealing with the 10 commandments. i will send it in a seperatecomment so as to get it all in. Thanks john

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