Everyday Ministries For ANY Christian

When thinking of “ministry” think of…. Unto the Least of These…

Christian Ministry isn’t just for the Pastor and Assistant Pastors of a Church. It is for every Christian.

Yes, every one of us.

There are a million excuses for why people don’t “minister” one to another but none of them are valid or reasonable.

When you move past the guilt of wishing you could do more and focus on doing what you can with the gifts the Lord has provided you, then your ministry will be an honor to the Lord.

In Matthew 25:40 – Jesus reminds us that when we do anything…even to the “least of these” it is as if we are doing it to Him. We are also reminded that something as small as a “cup of cold water” given is huge in the Lord’s eyes. (Mark 9:41 & Matthew 10:42)

So how then can we minister to people if we are not a Pastor or Assistant Pastor?

Ministries for the Average Christian:

  • Ministry of Love (and mercy) –

o   Love the hurting – Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Churches should be a hospital for the broken and hurting to come and heal. Yes, we want people to grow in the grace of the Lord but we have to start with loving them first. Let God work on their hearts and we need to just love on the broken and hurting.

o   Love our leaders – We need to love our Pastors & their wife (family), Assistant Pastor & their family etc. We expect so much of God’s chosen but often completely forget that they are human. Love them, pray for them and encourage them. Every family should be an encouragement to the leadership of the church every month.

o   Love our neighbor – Yes, there will be disagreements but we need to love other families in church. Get to know new people in the Church. Get to know people on the other side of the church. Say hello, shake hands and smile at people. LOVE others.

  • Ministry of Encouragement –

o   Encouraging others isn’t difficult. Listen to the prayer requests, pray over them and then write a note letting that person know you prayed for them.

o   Send cards/letters for no reason at all other than to simply encourage

o   Helping people through their pain. Especially if it’s chronic pain, encouragement is a real gift for someone struggling day in and day out.

o   Encouraging people to take the next step. Sometimes stepping out on an unfamiliar journey is made a bit easier when a little encouragement is received.

o   Sharing happiness and joy with those that are celebrating blessings from the Lord.

o   Encourage your family. Don’t forget them!

  • Ministry of Giving –

o   Giving of your resources doesn’t just include financial. There are some artsy, crafty and very talented people that never use those talents for the Lord at all. Yes, give of your finances, but also, look at what you can give back from your talents and other resources.

o   Giving your time – Have you ever just went and kept someone company while they were having Chemo? While they were going through a bitter trial? While they were grieving? You don’t have to know what to say or how to say anything comforting because just the act of being there is great comfort.

  • Ministry of Volunteering –

o   Teach a class, a small group or an impromptu get together

o   Open your home for a ladies night of fun food and laughter

o   Volunteer your singing abilities or instrument playing abilities

o   Volunteer to greet people at the front door of the church

o   Volunteer to help organize a missions trip

o   Volunteer to deliver flowers or books to people in the hospital

o   Volunteer to make dinners for those coming home from hospital

o   Men – volunteer to help with the maintenance of the homes of the elderly in your church/community.

o   Ladies – help with the cleaning and upkeep of the homes for some of the elderly

  • Ministry of Praying –

o   When Chronic illness plagues your body, you can still pray

o   When you are busy mom of toddlers, you can still pray

o   When you are a busy businessman or woman, you can still pray

o   When you are a teen and still figuring out your journey, you can still pray

o   When you are a child, just learning to give, do and go – you can still pray

o   P R A Y – everyone can do this

 I could go on and on for days here but I won’t. I just want you to know that Ministry is for every single one of us. We are all called to live the way Jesus lived.

I’m Spreading Joy daily to people around me and you can be too. It isn’t expensive or hard and anyone can do it…including children. In addition to the ideas listed above, click the photo below and you’ll be taken to a list of 50 Ways to Make a Difference without Spending a Single Penny. No money is involved and you can impact your world for Christ!

Have fun Spreading God’s Joy and making a difference!