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O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Selah


Archived Marie

He Knows…

I’m often amazed at the thought that even though the Lord knows me, that HE still chooses to love me. Me….. a little ole nobody with fearful tendencies and so far from child like faith, it’s scary.

He knows when I’m discouraged, when I feel alone, defeated and depressed.

Archived Mike

Amazing God

Yesterday we had our first snow of the winter in Texas. The flakes were huge, wet and sticky. Of course, here in Texas that means car wrecks, schools closed and other problems, but the snow itself was beautiful. Science has looked at snow one flake at a time and found that each flake is different, […]


Steep Grade Ahead

Steep grade ahead, in the wilderness great where God’s voice whispers through aspens and pines our hearts will not miss a beat for we know what is at stake through strife, we will find a blessing for all times. for years to come we will look back on these days, and remember God’s beauty, which […]