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God’s Plans…

In the last week our family has been praying for something very specific….….it didn’t happen.Now comes the normal responses of all of us as we seek to know what God is doing… I prayed, why didn’t he answer? This was really important to me, how could he not do it? Is there really a God […]

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  Guys are huge! Huge! Especially if you are a little girl, you look up and see a mighty man towering over you, your heart trembles a little. Men are giants in the eyes of children I remember as a little, tiny girl being afraid of those towering giants in my life. There were only […]

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Insights Into The Heart Of God

  It happened more than 40 years ago.  I was at university, sitting on a bench on campus talking to God.  I wanted more, wanted to understand God’s love.  I prayed, “Lord, let me see people the way you do.”  In a moment a friend, Evelyn, walked by.  We didn’t exchange a word, but my […]