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Let Your Life Speak

Bridget Haymond is founder and principal of Truth For Life Coaching and Communications in Charlotte, NC.  She is a Certified Leadership Coach through the AACC.  By combining her biblical and theological training with her life coach training, she motivates, collaborates and inspires her clients toward intentional, purposeful living. Described as insightful, practical, positive and witty by those whom she influences, Bridget helps those who desire to maximize their unique gifts, talents and abilities, both personally and professionally. You can find Bridget on twitter or read more by clicking on this link for her life coaching blog.

Let Your Life Speak


When I think about the power of our everyday lives, I think about the book of Esther.  The book of Esther is unique in that the name of God is not mentioned.  And yet it is undeniable that God was at work through the lives of the beautiful orphan Esther and her uncle Mordecai.

Make no mistake about it, Esther was not merely chosen for her physical beauty.  There was an inner beauty that reflected God’s character and presence in her life.  It radiated through Esther, and king Ahasuerus was captivated by her.

What is so amazing is that Esther and Mordecai were people who simply lived out their faith as part of their everyday lives in very practical ways.  They honored their beliefs and values while living in a foreign land that had very different beliefs.  Mordecai was praised for his wisdom and ultimately placed second in command to king Ahasuerus.  The way Esther and Mordecai lived their lives reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”— Francis Of Assisi

We’ve probably all seen Christians who in their desire to preach the gospel of the kingdom have been a little over zealous and inadvertently turned people off to the Christian life.  And the truth is that people don’t want to be just another jewel in your evangelizing crown.  Any insincerity in Esther’s motives would have shown right through.  So how can we preach without using words, but letting our lives speak instead?  Here are some ideas:

Be kind – never underestimate the power of a smile and a sincere interest in someone else.

Be loving – always remember that it is impossible to represent Jesus without being loving.

Be curious – Jesus was always interested in what other people thought.  He regularly asked questions of others.

Be authentic – unlike the pretentious Pharisees, Jesus was always real, and that is why others were drawn to him.

Be understanding – as you learn the story of their life, your understanding will generate more compassion for them.

Letting your life speak is about dispelling the lie of perfect Christians.  We all walk with a limp and our willingness to be real about it makes us more approachable.  Admit your mistakes and let others see your growth and change.  Your humility, sincerity and kindness will be a real magnet for others and give them hope that God really will accept them.

Encouraging Ministries

You will find great encouragement, wisdom, and support from the following web sites.  If you have any suggestions for others sites that should be listed here, please email us.

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Steve Farrar

Steve’s mission is to equip men to be the spiritual leaders they are meant to be. The author of best selling books such as Point Man: How A Man Can Lead His Family, you can find Steve at conferences throughout the country or join him for Bible study if you are in the Dallas area.


Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) in partnership with Jesus.net now operates PeaceWithGod.netTake your next 4 steps on a journey to peace by learning more about who Jesus is…read testimonies of changed lives…get support through online chat and help connecting to local support.

The HopeLine

TheHopeLine has partnered with strong faith-based partners to provide longer term care and services to those seeking help, advice and healing, offering biblical perspectives and prayer. If you find you or a teen or young adult you know is struggling, call now:1-800-394-4673 (HOPE) Considering Suicide? 1-800-273-8255


This non-profit child abuse prevention and treatment agencies maintains the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453), servicing the entire U.S., its territories and Canada.


Marie is always looking for Spreading Joy Heroes who love making a difference with compassion, joy and a tiny bit of silliness.  Follow her and you’ll soon see that “There’s no joy like Spreading Joy”!

Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family

This global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. Visit them for resources to help you build a healthy marriage and raise children according to values grounded in biblical principles.

Occupy the AltarWE InternationalDave RamseyBirthmother

Occupy the Altar  

This movement of Christians in the Nashville TN area are united in prayer for our nation, spiritual leaders, politicians, fellow Christians and Non-Believers. Their mission is spread the Gospel of  Jesus Christ. Follow them on twitter at @OccupytheAltar1 for updates on where they will be praying up next!

WE International

WE’s mission is to be a justice advocacy and economic development organization working with indigenous governments, NGOs, and other private organizations.

Dave Ramsey 

Get REAL debt help: Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Plan.

Birthmother Ministries, Inc.(Birthmothers®)

This faith-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nonjudgmental, one-on-one assistance to any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. Their mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by offering unconditional, one-on-one support and life-affirming, adoption-informing resources to any woman who faces an unplanned pregnancy.



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