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Extreme Grace

I am thrilled to know and experience the grace of God.  It’s absolutely life changing once you know what God has done for us.

One of the great tragedies of the church in our day is the fear so many have of grace.  They fear what might happen if people really knew they were completely forgiven, loved and part of heaven even now.  That security, for some, is just too good to be true. There must be a trick up God’s sleeve somewhere.  He can’t really mean that we already have everything and can never lose it.  There must be something we have to do, some work, some duty that will let us make our relationship and eternity sure, but there isn’t….it’s absolutely and totally free, available by faith alone and will last forever!
But grace is even more extreme than you think it is.  It’s outrageous and foolish from man’s viewpoint.  In his love God provided for all of mankind a free gift of forgiveness, redemption, salvation, security, eternity with him, and peace now…if they would simply accept his gift by faith.
You have to know I haven’t gotten to the extreme part yet.  Here it is, are you ready?  God has made it possible for us to be his sons, his daughters!  Imagine, a son of God.  That is so crazy I can’t even understand what that

looks like! But there’s more….he’s also given each of his children HIS Spirit to dwell in them, lead them, help them, and be with them….are you ready….forever.  When the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, takes up residence in us he promises to never leave.  We are men and women indwelt by the God who made us for all eternity!
More?  Ok, here we go…there is nothing you can do, good or bad…ever, to lose what he has given you.  You cannot lose his gifts to you if you have received them.  They are yours by faith alone and eternally yours….you can never be lost.  An eternal, indwelt by the Spirit of God, child of God.  More? We are destined to live with God and be part of his eternal kingdom.  Priests and Kings he calls us.  Children of God he describes us.  The names and provisions would fill pages, more than I have room to speak of here, but his grace extended to us is extreme at the far end of the scale.
The work of God in grace could fill volumes!  It’s not just a “saving grace”, although it is that, it’s an extreme grace that completely changes everything about our lives here and our eternity ahead.
But sadly many have made this wonderful grace a small thing.  They fear what believers might do if they knew.  The tragedy is that if they knew they would fall more deeply in love with God and lean in closer to know him better.  Let’s talk about this extreme grace to those we know and celebrate the amazing love of God in his provision for us. It is a wonderfully glorious magnificent extreme grace!
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33 Greater Than 40

We understand how powerful our own words can be in lifting up or bringing down those around us. The Word of the Lord are the most powerful indeed.

In this thought provoking video produced by Alpha & Omega Ministries called 40 Arabic Words, we are presented with the power of what just 40 words can do to prevent a whole group of people from knowing the gift of Jesus at the cross.

In contrast, just 33 Greek words from the New Testament prove to be such a gift to us now….

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. ~ Galatians 2:20 


Alpha & Omega Ministries is an apologetic ministries where you can go to learn more about apologetics. Renown apologist James White is the current director.

The Names Of God

All through the Bible there are many names for our great Lord. Here are just a few as you find Him revealed through each book of the Bible…go seek Him for yourself!



In… He is… Revealed as…
Genesis The Seed of Woman The One who would be born of the seed of a woman – Gen 3:15
Exodus The Passover Lamb The deliverer as in the life of Moses – Exodus 12
Our manna from Heaven – Exodus 16
Leviticus The High Priest The scapegoat in the sacrifices and offerings – Lev 1-7; 16, 23
Numbers The Cloud and The Fire Our Messiah who would be a King – Num 24:17
The Water from the Rock – Num 20
Deuteronomy The Prophet Like Moses Our Messiah who would be a prophet – Deut 18:15-19
Joshua The Captain of Our Salvation A leader like Joshua (who lead into the promised land) Jos 5:13-15
Judges The Judge And Lawgiver The true judge of the living and the dead
Ruth The Kinsman Redeemer A descendant of Boaz and Ruth; able to redeem us – Ruth 4:12-17
1 & 2 Samuel The Prophet of The Lord The Rock, faithful friend, exalted by God with power -1 Sam 2:10; 2 Sam 23:2-3, 1 Sam 18
1 & 2 Kings The Reigning King The reigning wise King like Solomon (the Millennial Reign)
1 & 2 Chronicles The Wise One Our Messiah would be from the tribe of Judah – 1 Chron 5:2, 2 Chron 9:22
Ezra The Faithful Scribe One in the person of Zerubbabel, the rebuilder of the temple -Ezra 4
Nehemiah The Rebuilder of the Walls One in the person of Nehemiah, the rebuilder of the walls of salvation
Esther Mordecai One in the person of Mordecai
Job The Dayspring From on High One in the sufferings of Job and the blessings that would follow
Psalms The Lord Who Is Our Shepherd The Lord and Son of God – Psalm 2:7, 12
The stone the builders rejected – Psalm 118:22
Proverbs & Ecclesiastes The Wisdom of God Our Messiah would be from Everlasting – Prov 8:22-23
Song of Solomon The Lover & Bridegroom The Bridegroom’s love for, and marriage to, the bride (church)
Isaiah The Suffering Servant Virgin born – Isaiah 7:14  Immanuel “God With Us”
Jeremiah & Lamentations The Weeping Prophet Our Messiah would be God, righteous – Jer 23:6
Ezekiel The Son of Man A descendant of David – Ez 34:23-24
Daniel The Son of Man coming in the clouds of Heaven A son of man’ given an everlasting kingdom – Dan 7:13-14
The fourth man in the fiery furnance – Dan 3:25
Hosea The Bridegroom Through the faithfulness of Hosea to his adulterous wife – Hos 3
Joel The Baptizer With The Holy Spirit The one to offer salvation to all mankind – Joel 2:32
Amos The Burden Bearer The one God would darken the day at noon during His death – Amos 8:9
Obadiah The Mighty Savior
Jonah The Forgiving God As in Jonah being 3 days & 3 nights in the belly of a fish -Jon 1:17
Micah The Messenger With Beautiful Feet The one who would be born in Bethlehem – Mic 5:2
Nahum The Avenger of God’s Elect
Habakkuk The Great Evangelist, Crying For Revival The One who would come from Teman at His return, full of glory – Hab 3:3
An intercessor of prayer for His people like Habakkuk
Zephaniah The Restorer of the Remnant
Haggai The Cleansing Fountain Our Messiah would visit the 2nd temple – Hag 2:6-9
Zechariah  The Pierced Son Messiah would be Priest and King, pierced -Zech 6:12-13, 12:10
Malachi The Son of Righteousness The One who would appear at the temple- Mal 3:1
Matthew The Messiah The Son of David, King of the Jews – Matt 1:1, 2:2
Mark The Miracle Worker The Holy One of God, Servant, King of Israel – Mark 1:24, 10:45, 15:32
Luke The Son of Man The Horn of Salvation – Luke 1:69
John The Son of God The Only Begotten Son – John 1:14,18
The Lamb of God – John 1:29,36
The Bread of life – John 6:35
The Light of the World – John 8:1
The I AM! – John 8:58
The Door of the Sheep – John 10:7,9
The Good Shepherd (John 10:11)
The Resurrection and life – John 11:25
The Way, the Truth, the Life – John 14:6
The True Vine – John 15:1
Acts The Ascended Lord The Prince of Life – Acts 3:15
Romans The Justifier The Rock of Offense, Judge of living & dead -Rom 9:33; 14:9
1 & 2 Corinthians The Last Adam The First-fruits and the Last Adam – 1 Cor 15:23; 15:45
Galatians The One Who Sets Us Free  The Lord Jesus Christ – Gal 1:3
Ephesians The Christ of Riches  The Head over All Things, the Cornerstone – Ephesians 1:22; 2:20
Philippians The God Who Meets Our Every Need  The Name above all names – Philippians 2:9
Colossians The Fullness of The Godhead  The Image of the Invisible God – Colossians 1:15; 18, 27
1 & 2 Thessalonians The Soon Coming King  The Lord of Peace – 2 Thessalonians 3:16
1 & 2 Timothy The Mediator Between God And Man  The King of Ages, the Mediator – 1 Timothy 1:17, 2:5
Titus The Blessed Hope The Blessed Hope – Titus 2:13
Philemon The Friend, Closer Than a Brother  The Lord Jesus Christ (Philemon 3)
Hebrews The Blood That Washes Away My Sins  The Heir of All Things – Hebrews 1:2, 2:17, 12:2
James The Great Physician The Lord of Glory – James 2:1, 5:9
1 & 2 Peter The Chief Shepherd  The Living Stone -1 Peter 2:4, 5:4
1 & 2 & 3 John Everlasting Love The Eternal Life – 1 John 1:2, 2:1
Jude The God our Saviour The Only Wise God our Saviour – Jude 25
Revelation The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! The Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last – Revelation 1:17, 22:13
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah – Rev 5:5
The Word of God – Rev 19:13
The King of kings and Lord of lords – Rev 19:16
The Bright Morning Star – Rev 22:16