I woke early this morning thinking about a passage of scripture that I thought I understood. As I thought about my own life and the verse I will share with you in a moment it suddenly struck me that the way I had viewed the verse was all wrong. I had missed the main point! Here’s the words from Psalms,
Psalm 14:1 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”As I thought about this verse and my own life I realized I’m the fool! It’s not the denial of God that’s the problem, it’s thinking and living like there is no God! I’m the greatest fool of all in this. 

Yes, I am a Christian. I’m a pastor. I do love the Lord, BUT I often think, act and live like there is no God. The bible calls me a fool and it’s right to do so. If God is really there then my thoughts and life should be different because of that.

If there really is a God who is there then that will affect what I look at on the internet and on television. For any man or woman to get involved in sin, whatever the flavor, is to say in your heart, “there is no God…no one is watching…no one will ever know.” If you’ve ever done that, and I have, then you’re a fool. I speak from first hand experience. When you make a decision to sin, in any way, you’re saying in your heart “there is no God…no one will know.” But he does. He sees. You’re being a fool when you do that and so am I.

If there really is a God who is there then that will affect what you worry about. If God is there and caring for you then your worries about your life and finances are saying, “there is no God…I have to worry this myself…if I don’t worry about it and fix it no one else will.” If you’ve ever done that, and I have, then you’re a fool. You’re saying that the God who made the universe can’t take care of you? Foolish little human, don’t you know he holds you together? Can’t he meet your needs as well?

As I think about this I could go on for pages with the things that declare to the world “I AM A FOOL!” but I think you have an idea of my thoughts. Clearly the fool is one who lives like God is not there even when he declares to the world he believes in him.

I had always reserved this verse for the agnostic, the atheist, but this morning it convicted me! Any time I live or think that all of this is on me, about me or for me and make choices, worry or live like God is not there….I’m a fool. Well, let me be the first to make this clear so there is no doubt. “Hi, my name is Mike and I’m a fool.” But, my hearts desire is this- I want to live and think and act like God is there, part of my life and intimately involved in what is to become of me. It’s either all true or none of it is!

Just a few thoughts on being a fool……from one.