The body of Christ

Being a Christian has advantages. The big one for me is the community that happens as Christians gather. “One another” life happens. We begin to care for one another, love one another, pray for one another, help one another and on the list goes.

Community happens. Love is demonstrated. Life together happens. Caring for others becomes important. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to live a solitary life without a community to care for you, but many do. Sadly, they are missing out on one of the great blessings of the body of Christ.

As I near the last third of my life, I find that the church family, the community of faith called Christians, is vital to me. I’m part of something bigger than myself, something that bridges centuries and goes forward into eternity. I’m part of a family I get to spend eternity with.

4 thoughts on “The body of Christ”

  1. My life has changed drastically… now I’m reading the word, praying and amazing things are happening. Stay encouraged everyone, keep the faith and trust that G-d will deliver you. In the Body of Christ, we will be fulfilled through the holy spirit. The fruit of the sprit will grow in us as we become more like him… Let me end with that, Love you all very much:)

  2. Hi! I’m your Brasilian sister!
    You’re right we are part of a family and we get to spend eternity with.
    I don’t know who you are, but I so happy for everythig you write!
    I’ll pray for you brother ou sister! Keep walking to Jesus and some day we’ll be together with Him!!!
    God Bless You!!!

  3. I just accepted Christ into my life and am now apart of the Body of Christ. Im Happy to have found this website for encouragment and Information to study and learn more about Gods Word..

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