Jesus Is More Than Enough

Just Give Me Jesus by Ann Graham Lotz is a wonderful testimony to her renewed intimacy with Jesus. Listen and mediate on her message of revitalization through our Lord Jesus that she has shared with countless women since 2000.

If you can, join the expected 8,000 women due to descend upon Augusta GA in September to take part in the next free, two-day event lead by Ann Grahm Lotz. Visit her website at AnGel Ministries for more information on this event.



Want to read more about her journey? Check out her book at Amazon.

One thought on “Jesus Is More Than Enough”

  1. Love it. I just recently typed up the words of another video of an 11 year old boy reciting the Books of the Bible along with a title of Jesus for each Book I am having my 10-12 year old Suncay school class learn to recite it.

    This is another good one for them to learn further down the road. I enjoyed this and really loved the voice of Fernando Ortega.

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