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It started with the book The Shape of Mercy and the main character assuming that someone was hired help by the way he was dressed when he was actually a friend of the family. The book is about the Salem Witch Trials and all of the horrible assumptions there.

Next I hear it. You’ve heard it and maybe even said it before. “Well, you know how those people are.” Oh, really? Do I? I literally shake my head and say, no…no I do not.

Assumptions are nasty things. With the exception of when your son calls and says something like “Do you know I have the most beautiful Mom in the entire world?” By all means, assume he wants something and reply with “No, tell me how beautiful she really is.” And then smile and sit back and take in the wonderful words that are being said about you at that very moment.

If it’s not this situation, then assuming can be very harmful, dangerous and just plain wrong. I honestly try and not assume things about people based on where they live, how they dress, what size they are or what kind of vehicle they drive. When I meet someone, I immediately start looking at how their heart sees things. I want to see things through their eyes, but again, I do not assume to know or understand how or why they see things the way they do. I try to live by this and make it a rule. I don’t assume things about people based on surroundings.

Many people assume that just because someone says they are a Christian that they truly are. Unfortunately many people speak the language, but don’t walk the talk and this is very misleading. Others think that if a non-believer asks questions that they simply want to debate. Again, this is not always a correct assumption. Many people that ask questions are simply seeking the truth and shame on us for not giving it without assuming they want an argument.

I could go on and on here. So many assumptions are made about people based on their size, place of employment and such. Why do we do this? Why do we assume things without taking the time to see things through the eyes of others or even try to understand where people are coming from?

We’ve all had our moments where things were better, where we looked better, felt better, dressed better. We’ve all had moments where we were proud to be who we are and held our head high. The opposite is true, we’ve all had our moments where the worst part of our being has shown through and we’d love to take it back and undo the damage we’ve done, but we can’t. We would love to go back in time and change many moments in our life that were less than pleasant. All of these moments are shared by each and every one of us and yet we still make horrible assumptions.

Have you caught yourself assuming the worst about people or even the best about people? Do you assume that what you see at first glance is all that there is? Do you assume that there is no need to look further for facts because you know all the facts you need to know?

Am I assuming that everyone assumes way too much? If I am assuming, is my assumption wrong? Assuming you will answer me in the comment section, will you have the courage to speak the truth about assumptions?

{{HUGS}} yall