Single Step


Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” I have found that sometimes we take that first step naturally, other times it is quite by accident. Then there are the times that we are forced into taking that step with no control over what is happening, no look into what will be happening or no clue as to why it is happening.

That first step can often be scary, confusing and downright difficult. When we are facing a new direction, a new journey of yet another thousand miles, sometimes it is so easy to over look the positive because we are afraid or focused on the unknown. Instead of checking out the scenery along the way of our journey, we are focused on the “what ifs”. We need to eliminate the “what if” game from our life and enjoy our journey, enjoy the beauty that is surrounding us and know that even with challenges that lay ahead, joy is swirling all around us, waiting to be noticed and appreciated.

As my life takes a new direction, I’m not fearful, I’m not worried – I’m excited! The last 4 years of my journey has been such a hodge podge of emotions, challenges and events. When I embarked on that journey in April of 2006, I was fearful. It was the most difficult challenge I had ever faced and I literally stood, looking at my virtual mountain and thought “ok, swallow me up, get it over with….I’ll never be able to do this, NOT in a million years.” The only thing that was consistent was change and I had never been presented with so much to learn all at once. I was afraid of an epic fail.

Not only was there NOT an Epic Fail – but it was the best four years ever. Challenges presented themselves. People came into my life, securing a permanent place in my heart, new things were learned, old ideas were tossed out the door. New friendships were made, faith was increased.

My new direction is in employment. At my last assignment, there was lots of smiling, singing, problems and mercy – the food and gatherings were always such fun! There were projects that seem to never end and then the easy ones that made you feel as though you accomplished something right away. There was the infamous 3 day work week *ahem* and the immediate “NO” (with a big smile) as certain people came through the door looking for stuff. There were those that brightened the day with their laughter, smiles and hugs, as well as the 2 that made my path smell wonderful as I journeyed down the halls. There was the direct leadership, that was always appreciative, realistic and supportive and made the day enjoyable, regardless of the challenges and ocean of paperwork that continued to grow.

Has your direction changed recently? Are you standing at the bottom of the biggest mountain you’ve ever faced and are thinking, go ahead…swallow me up? Are you moving towards the unknown?

What are you doing to appreciate the journey? Are you noticing the little things that make life Big while you fight your way down this road? I hope so, because the JOY is there, swirling all about you – begging for you to notice and appreciate it.

Go ahead! Take that first step….your next thousand miles awaits you!

{{{HUGS}}} Yall