Prayer Works

We see example after example in the Bible where people went to God in prayer and had miraculous prayers answered, yet we doubt that God can still do that today.

God is the same as He was then.

Put Verses about Prayer throughout your home.  Commit them to memory and you’ll have them at a moments notice.

Even when the answer is NO, God always answers.  We may not understand, just like our children do not understand when we say no, but we know without a doubt we can trust Him.

Praying for a loved one to accept Christ, don’t stop

Praying for a loved one to return to Christ, don’t stop

Praying for healing, for a miracle, for yet ANOTHER miracle – do not stop!

Prayer Works!

We hope you’ll pin these verses, share on facebook and use them to remind your heart when the enemy says don’t bother, that God Hears and Answers Prayer


We are not alone john 16.32




prayer of a righteous person has great power james 5.16


prayer isnt the least you can do


Pray for your enemies Matthew 5.44


O Lord I pray deliver my soul Psalms 116.4


love endures all even a cruel cross 1 corinthians 13.7


Gods word is forever isaiah 40.8


God WILL Hear You Jeremiah 29.12


God will heal America 2 Chronicles 7.14


encourage others hebrews 10.24


ask and it will be given Matthew 7.7


What are your favorite verses on Prayer? 

Do you have verses scattered throughout your home? 


7 thoughts on “Prayer Works”

  1. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement to keep praying! Often I wonder if my prayers go further than the ceiling… I want breakthrough prayer in my life… not just in crisis or on Sundays… but always near to the heart of God! I feel small and insignificant to make a difference… Thankfully God is bigger than my feelings!

    1. Thanks Rebecca and YES God is bigger than your feelings! He has designed you to make a difference, right where you are! You have all that you need! you just need to keep trusting HIM and allowing Him to work through you

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