Thankful a little longer


May I take the Thanksgiving theme a little further? One day is simply not enough for me to say thanks for God’s love, goodness and faithfulness to us. I can’t help myself, but must talk about it a little more. Will you indulge me for a moment longer?

I’m thankful to God for who he is, who he shows himself to be- good, loving and faithful. Those attributes show up in our world in three ways, 1. what he has done, 2. what he’s doing now, and 3. what he will do in the future. All three declare to a watching world that God is good, loving and faithful to his creation. Here are a few of the things I have noted in these thoughts. There are many more, but this will be enough for this post.

First, What God has done,

He created, Genesis 1:1. His goodness, love and faithfulness are shown in what he has made. All he made matches all he is. “Thank you, Lord, for what YOU made.”

He spoke, 2 Tim. 3:16-17. From the early pages of the Bible God is speaking to man, but for us the ultimate word from God is in your hands! God’s goodness is shown to us today, his love for us and faithfulness revealed in the word of God. God spoke and continues to speak to us through his word. “Thank you, Lord, that you didn’t leave us wondering about you, but you have spoken and we can know you because of your word.”

He redeemed, John 3:16. God’s revelation of his love, goodness and faithfulness are revealed in what Jesus did on the cross. He redeemed us! Now we can each know forgiveness of sin, peace with God and the promise of eternal life. “Thank you, Lord, for saving us! We are so thankful for giving us what we could have never earned on our own. Thank you for salvation!”

Next, let’s look at what God is doing,

He is drawing, 2 Peter 3:8-9, John 12:32, He wants everyone to be saved! No one is left out, everyone is sought, provided for and loved! “Thank you, Lord, that your love and salvation are for everyone. Thank you that you seek out each of us and desire that all men be saved.”

He is preparing, John 14:1-3, “Thank you, Lord, for telling us about what you are preparing. It’s so exciting to know that something amazing awaits us.”

He is sustaining, Col. 1:15-17, “Lord, thanks for holding us together. Thank you for keeping everything together and working out your purposes in this world.”

There are too many to count in each of these lists, but let me add just one more to this list,

He is interceding, Heb. 7:24-25, “Thank you, Jesus, for praying for us. You are so amazing to not only save us, but pray for us as well. We are blessed!”

And, last, here is what God will do in the days ahead,

He will return, Mat. 25:31-33, One day Christ will return. In that moment we will see his goodness, love and faithfulness with our own eyes as he comes to claim his children. “Thank you, Lord, that you are coming back! I can’t wait.”

He will rule, Rev. 11:16-17, The entire human race has lived under the rule of fallen men. One day the perfect king will set up rule over the affairs of man. “Thank you, Lord, that one day we will have a perfect king. Come, Lord Jesus.”

He will restore, Rev. 21:5, All we know is a fallen world. Even in this fallen world we see so many things to be thankful for. Imagine the world as God planned it….the world he designed restored to his blueprint. Then we will know fully his love, his goodness and faithfulness. “Thank you, Lord, that you promise to restore everything to what you made it to be.”

The best response we can offer?

“Thank you, Lord! We are so grateful that you are good, that your love never ends and that you are faithful to be do all that you have promised. We thank you, Lord. May our waking words each day be simply these, ‘thank you, Lord.’”